Smart Eddie aka “Eddie” – SOLD!

Smart Eddie - Thoroughbred Prospect Horse - SOLD!

UPDATE: Smart Eddie has been SOLD! Congratulations to Tandy Becker of Tampa, FL on the purchase of this beautiful horse. “Eddie” will be retrained as a hunter/jumper in Florida.
Smart Eddie aka “Eddie” is a 2007, 16 hand (and growing) bay Thoroughbred gelding. His owner/trainer says he is the best looking horse she has ever owned and he has a disposition to match. He is a grandson of Danzig who is known to produce great sport horses as well as race horses. This well bred boy sold for $170,000 as a yearling but he has no focus for racing. He is happy to run with the group. He is sound and he has a good disposition. He is just four so he has more growing to do.

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