Great Game is a black Thoroughbred mare for sale.

Great Game – SOLD!

Great Game is the dam of Saint Lawrence and Running TallGreat Game is a 16.3 hand 2001 black mare.  She looks like a warmblood not a Thoroughbred . Look past the field mud and you will see a horse with great potential. She is being sold because she throws foals that are just too big to be raced. She has been bred to a smaller stallion and her foal was still big. She is the mother to Running Tall (Chewy) and our new baby Saint Lawrence. She has a nice long cannon bone and huge feet. She is a beautiful mover who just floats across the ground. She can be ridden and was retired sound. This will be a great horse when cleaned up. She was good to ride at the track and quiet and easy to handle in the field. With a few months of retraining she should go into any discipline you like. With the way her babies move, she is definitely a candidate for the dressage arena. I would think she would also produce good sport horses from warmblood stallions. Her babies are big, sensible and smart. SOLD! 

Congratulations to Chuck Dixon of Bangor,  Maine on the purchase of Great Game! This is Chuck’s second Thoroughbred mare purchase this year from Bits & Bytes Farm. Chuck is an excellent horseman and he and his wife Carrie are training their son Patrick in the art of horsemanship. Patrick is learning about classical riding, and how to read the mind of a mare, training Muchu. We are excited that Great Game will get some great training and maybe make some more beautiful babies like Running Tall and Saint Lawrence!

Saint Lawrence at 14 months.

Saint Lawrence is our baby at Bits & Bytes Farm. He is growing like a weed and should end up at about 17+ hands! His butt is already 16.1 and he is only a few months past his first birthday. He is really sensible and smart. Nothing scares him. His brother Running Tall was the same way at this age.


You can see video and photos of her second colt,  Running Tall on this web site. If you are looking for a sport horse that can later become a broodmare for sport horses, take a good look at Great Game and then give us a call.
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