A June Affair – SOLD!

"June" has a new mom!

A June Affair aka our Prospect Horse for sale,”June”,  is a 2006, is a beautiful 16.2 hand gray Thoroughbred filly who just floats across the ground. She needs another 100 pounds to fill out and really show her figure. She is clean legged and super sweet. “June” is not marish at all. She has a ton of growing and filling out left to do. This well mannered filly ships, clips and is good with the blacksmith. She would make a fantastic hunter. “June” will easily make the transition to the “A” show hunter ring without problems. She will be an eye catcher in the ring for sure. “June” loves her peppermints and she loves attention.

UPDATE: A June Affair aka “June” has been SOLD! Congratulations to Barbara Saeger of Chattanooga, TN.

Please read our Pricing Information and Buying a Track Prospect Horse pages before calling. There are several more pages under the Buying Our Horses button at the top of this page. Prospect Horses at the Track will only be sold to buyers with the skills and support to make it a successful transition.
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