Katiejakes Journey – SOLD!

Thoroughbred horse for sale - Katiejakes Journey is just three. He has lots of growing to do.

UPDATE: SOLD! Congratulations to Karin Hiltunen of Dillon, Colorado on the purchase of Katiejake’s Journey.

Katiejake’s Journey aka “Jake” is a 2009, 16.1 plus hand high gelding. He has so much growing left to do and will fill out to look like a warm blood when done. He has a very deep, wide chest and great girth. He is super athletic and kind. This horse is the full package to be a top-end jumper, eventer or dressage horse. He is up to date on everything and is great with the blacksmith. He is very clean legged and has no vices. He has shown no talent on the track and is ready for his new career. He has raced just twice three times. In his second race, after crossing the finish line, he turned and came back faster than he ran in the race! He showed great talent and speed in the morning workouts. He is has no desire to be a race horse in the afternoon. He hardly broke a sweat in his second race because he put so little effort into the race. His third race was on the turf and he seemed to like it better.

This horse floats across the ground and is so free flowing from his shoulder. He has so much potential but please remember he is still and baby. This horse should mature to about 16.3 but be built like a warmblood. He still has a ton of growing and filling out to do. He will be a massive horse with a kind heart and great ability. If you are looking for a young prospect to take to the highest levels of competition, call ASAP! His trainer gallops him herself and his owner is a good friend of ours. This horse is the package. Let’s find him a competitive sport horse partner.

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June 2012 Images – “Jake” is filling out.

April 2012 Images – He is just three and still growing.

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