“Makers” – SOLD!

“Makers” is a 16’1 hand, 2001, bay, Thoroughbred gelding for sale. Don’t let his age fool you he has been competitive his whole racing career and is being retired sound. He has a fantastic hip and shoulder this is one of the most conformationally correct horses we have seen in a long time. There is not much you can fault him on. His legs are clean. He has no vices and he has the prettiest softest eye I have seen in a while. His owner has had him since he was three but realizes it is time to find him a good home before something happens to him. He loads ships and bathes like a old pro. His is a great mover who is free from the hip and shoulder. He should be able to compete in dressage or 3-day eventing with no problem. These photos were taken as he was being cooled out from his last race. He is done racing and going home to the farm but he can be brought into the track for a vet check.

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