“Ron” – A Real Black Beauty SOLD!

Brother Ron and his new mom Marta

UPDATE: Brother Ron has found a mom! Congratulations to Marta Srednicki of Columbia, SC on the purchase of this real live Black Beauty!

Brother Ron aka “Ron” is a 2005, almost black 16.1 hand Thoroughbred gelding for sale. He should really fill out away from the track. He needs about 100 pounds added to his frame. He is so sweet we hated to leave him behind on our visit to the track to take these photos. He has So Romeo’s eye and quiet temperament. “Ron” was quiet and easy to handle outside the barn even while horses were being loaded into a trailer behind him. We also watched him being hand walked in the shed-row and he was extremely laid back. SOLD!

Please read our Pricing Information and Buying a Track Prospect Horse pages before calling. There are several more pages under the Buying Our Horses button at the top of this page. Prospect Horses at the Track will only be sold to buyers with the skills and support to make it a successful transition.

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