Mamaroni – SOLD!


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The last, but not least gelding is MAMARONI. He is a 15.3 hands dark bay that just shines like a penny in the summer when he is groomed. He broke his maiden in a 5 ½ furlong race in Kentucky and did it convincingly. He was lightly run and retired in excellent condition with no problems to any part of his body particularly his legs, knees or ankles. For a long time when he raced, they would call him macaroni and just could never get his name correct. His name is an Italian word that stands for a young Italian man that is old enough to be on his own, but just wants to stay at home so his mother can take care of all of his needs, like laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning and every other chore that a mother does to spoil their child. I had a young man that lived with me and went to college and after graduation still wanted to be at home and cared for, but wanted to come and go as he wanted. When the mare had her baby, I told him I was going to name the horse MAMARONI to remind me that I needed to help him get on his feet and move out on his own. He was 28 years old and it was time. Mamaroni did his job by helping me remember to encourage him to find his way in a new home. He did that and we all enjoy Mamaroni and laugh about it every time we tell the story. I am sure every mother has that story to tell. Mamaroni really likes attention and wants it when you go to his pasture. He is the first horse up to be petted and to get the first carrot. He has a mellow disposition and is very solid in his conformation. He is built very strong and has enormous hips for a thoroughbred. He looks very much like a quarter horse.

I hope this has begun to give you some idea of who these geldings are and where they have come from. I have to say that they have a very quiet existence on the farm. We are away from the noise of the traffic and commotion and we are bordered by a big river that contributes to the serenity. If you met these horses you would have to love them. They give so much love back to you that you can not refuse to give them your time. I hope to see them go to a good home and to do some equine disciplines that will make me proud of them. There is life after racing for the thoroughbred and I know that, my wish is that they find the right person to take them to the next level. Thank you for letting me talk about my very dear friends.

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