Visitors from Around the World Love Our TBs

Visitors to our site on May 5, 2009

The Bits & Bytes Farm Web site has had visitors from; Managua, Nicaragua; Road Town, British Virgin Islands; Bridgetown, Barbados; Weilburg, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Lyon and Cavaillon, France – Bonjour a toi! haha; Budapest, Hungary; Samsun, Turkey; Doha,Qatar (very, very neat little wealthy country, my brothers happened to go to college with two guys from there, kind of like princes, horses are of course huge there; Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan; Tapei, Taiwan; Fuchu, Japan, along with some getting to be pretty regular followers from the British Isles and Australia and South Africa! Very cool. I didn’t know if you’d gotten a chance to check lately, so thought I’d tell you real quick :p
Adios, au revoir, xau, chiao !

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