Thoroughbreds Rollin in the Snow – MORE PHOTOS January 20!

It has been a tough winter in the South this year with several snow storms over the holidays. If you have been wondering about why there have been no updates, it is because we have been shoveling snow. Atlanta was virtually shut down for almost a week with the Interstate highways blocked by jack-knifed tractor trailers. In a city of four million people, we have a total of 11 snow plows! New York City has 1600 for eight million people. It just does not snow in the South all that much and if it does it warms up in a few hours or a day.

Lucky helps out cleaning stalls
Lucky lends a hand or mouth, in cleaning the stalls.

This year it got really cold – about 30 degrees below normal – and it also snowed. That combined with a lack of equipment or even salt to melt the snow, resulted in a total shut down of daily events. The horses were kept up in their stalls and we were on stall cleaning detail for most of the week. We did have  some help from Lucky though. . .

Finally the weather is warming up and so are the phone calls. People are getting cabin fever and they are ready to begin their Spring training. Now is a great time to get a new horse and start training slowly. By the time the footing is good, the horse will be ready for some faster work and you will have a new horse for the next show season. Enjoy some of our snow photos when Bits & Bytes Farm was a winter wonderland.

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