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We have some new tools on our Web site and we can see who is visiting our site! Today the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site has received visitors from all over the world. There were: twelve visitors from Canada;  four visitors from Australia and the United Kingdom; one from Boksburg, South Africa; Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico; Evora, Portugal; Tripoli, Lybian Arab Jamahiriya; Prigorodnyy in the Russian Federation; Pakistan; Denmark;  Heiloo, Netherlands; Haverlee, Belgium; Zurich, Switzerland; Sesto Fiorentino, Italy; and visitors all over the United States from Honolulu, Hawaii to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and even one from Wasilla, Alaska – hello Sarah!

We don’t know who you are but we can see your location when you log on.

We have visitors from all over the world to our Web site.
We have visitors from all over the world to our Web site. This is a map of visitors to the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site today.

Hello to Alex Kemper in Odessa, Texas! Your star is flashing! We know it’s Alex because she is the new mom of Tuck’s St. Aly and the only person we know in Odessa. Maybe she told her friends about our site. You can too. Please spread the word about off-the-track Thoroughbreds. Our site is filled with heart warming OTTB Success Stories, training tips, feeding notes and of course – gorgeous Thoroughbred horses for sale!

The mission of our site is to convince more people that Thoroughbreds make great sport horses and family horses when they are done racing. You can help our mission by passing on our Web address when you log onto forums discussing Thoroughbreds. Share the word that there is a site to help you with training Thoroughbreds off-the-track.

We also have links to Thoroughbred rescue sites that you can donate to. You may not be able to buy a Thoroughbred now but we hope you will get one off-the-track or from Bits & Bytes Farm or a Thoroughbred rescue group in the future. If you can’t purchase a Thoroughbred, then please support our mission with a donation to a rescue group. You can help our mission by linking to our Web sites from your site and from other sites that promote the ex-race horse as a sport horses.

We earn the money to support our Thoroughbred mission by creating Web sites. Please give us a call if you want to know about the technology we use to produce this site.

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