Reign Day – Day Eight

The Baroness von River keeps an eye on Reign Day's training.
Reign Day Lunging
Lunging is no big deal since Reign Day is two weeks away from racing.

Reign Day continues to be our star pupil. He was adjusted by the chiropractor yesterday so all we did today was stretch him and lunge him using a bridle. You can see by the photos he has learned this lunging thing and it is no big deal. He even takes good direction from my “Head Assistant Trainer – The Baroness von River”.

Everyone is in love with this horse. His personality is really starting to come out. He ‘speaks’ for food and comes when called from his paddock. It is hard to believe he is just two weeks away from racing today!

Enjoy the photos. Happy Valentines Day from our sweetheart Reign Day!

Reign Day has fans in Italy!

Oh man, Reign Day is TO DIE FOR…. As soon as I saw him on the site, I SO wished I was back in the States. He is absolutely gorgeous, and it sounds like as a horse he is as amazing as he looks. When I was growing up, the family “horse” motto was “pretty is as pretty does”; in other words, I rode some pretty homely but wonderful horses. Reign Day looks like the whole package. I’m loving Milan too, despite being horseless. 🙁

Starting the Second Week of Training

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