Reign Day – February 21 – Lunge Lesson

Reign Day is progressing so well. He is a pleasure to ride and now everyone wants to ride him.

Today I took another lesson with Alice. She taught me some exercises for Reign Day to try. We would change the stride length at the walk and the trot. He got very responsive to the aids and he would  shorten and lengthen his stride as I changed my seat positions.

Loui wanted to get another ride on Reign Day. It was a good chance for me to observe how well he is doing with his training. Reign Day was soft and light in her hands and he rounded up well for her. He was so quiet that Loui asked if she could give her daughter a lunge-line lesson on Reign Day. Kristen walked and trotted Reign Day while working on her seat position and hands. Reign Day has been in training only a few weeks and he ran his last race on January 31st and now he is being used as a lesson horse on a lunge line!

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