Reign Day – March 19 – Julia’s First Ride

Reign Day son of Sixth and WalnutSaturday morning was a gorgeous day for riding. Julia was up early and excited to actually get to RIDE Reign Day instead of just reading about his training and seeing photos.

We cleaned up Reign Day and got him tacked up and ready to ride. I got on Reign Day to show Julia and her mom Valeri that he was safe and quiet – just like the stories told in his Reign Day’s training diary.

Finally it was time for Julia to get on . . .

Julia got on Reign Day at the mounting block and adjusted her stirrups before taking him for a test ride. First she walked and tested the “brakes”. Reign Day will stop from a walk with just a half halt.

Next it was on to the trot. Julia has very good hands and Reign Day rounded up for her and moved in a beautiful frame. She got him to bend and lengthen and shorten his stride.

Time for the CANTER!


As Reign Day’s gaits increased so did Julia’s smile. By the time they were cantering she was grinning from ear to ear. All the cold, rainy, snowy, windy days of training during the last month were all worth it when watching Reign Day and his new mom get to know each other.


Julia and Reign Day even did the gymnastic exercise with the trot poles and cross rail fence. I am not sure who was having more fun: Julia, Reign Day or me!

Finally, Julia’s mom Valeri could not resist the charm of Reign Day and she hopped up and gave him a spin as well.

We put Reign Day back in his stall and headed out to Hamp’s to find some great deals on tack. Our plan was to ride again after lunch and this time head out on the trails. Tomorrow there will be time for lessons with Alice and me.

— Elizabeth

Reign Day – March 19 – First Trail Ride with Julia

Reign Day Meets His New Family

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