Reign Day – March 8 – Week Four and Another Trail Ride

No photos today. We did a trail ride and my photographer was on Pull! Reign Day is now just five weeks away from his last race. He has been at Bits & Bytes Farm for a month of training.

Here is how the trail ride went . . . Pull, Foxy and Reign Day rode across the water and into the woods. Reign Day did not hesitate at all!! Wahoo! We picked up a slow canter and we walked, trotted and cantered all through the woods. Reign Day went right through the muddy spots that just two days before got him upset. Today he plowed through like it was not even there. He wanted to jump every log we came to, even when I thought we would just step over it. He loves to jump! He was not happy to be in the rear today. His ears were pinned but he did not act up or get jiggy. Towards the middle of the ride we took the lead and trotted over logs and jumped some very small log fences. We led back across the creek and he did not hesitate one bit! Hooray!

This week we will focus on hill work and I will take him to the woods alone for the first time. I don’t think he will mind being alone. This Saturday is the hunter pace. We have five horses going from the farm and we will meet up with other friends and horses that we have sold. Cortableau will be there and maybe Baileysontherocks. It should be a fun day.

Heavy rain is expected for three days this week but the temps will be warm. We will ride!

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