Reign Day – March 9 – Ride Along

camera_20100313_011When we go on outings from the farm with our horses, we like to document the ride so that we have photos to post on this Web site. I usually ride with a camera around my neck which can be tricky sometimes as it can swing and whack me in the arm or chin.

To get ready for the hunter pace, I rode Reign Day on the trails with the camera around my neck. I was trying a new binocular holder that our “Master Birder” Suellen Slockbower loaned me. It is made of of elastic straps that criss-cross across my back and clip on the the binoculars – or in my case, the camera. The straps allow you to let go of the camera and it will not bounce up and knock you out!

With my camera strapped on, we took a ride into the woods with Missy Miller on her OTTB Stevie Loverboy (son of Steven Got Even) and Barry on Political Pull.

The photos take you on a ride through our woods with Reign Day’s ears pointing the way. Reign Day has now mastered the creek crossings and the mud patches. We even went ahead and turned around to take photos of the other horses jumping the water. Reign Day and I jumped some of the smaller logs and fences. I even tried to get video but it was not worth publishing. The camera was too unsteady at a trot and canter and while going over the fences even with built in image stabilizer software.

I hope we get to do the hunter pace on Saturday. We may be loading up the Ark with all the animals if this rain does not stop. We have gotten four inches in the last 36 hours! Five years of drought and now rain, rain, rain on Reign Day. Do you think he brought the rain?

The new camera strapping worked great. I plan to use it at the hunter pace on Saturday. Enjoy the ride!

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