Reign Day Meets His New Family

Reign Day meets his new mom.

Reign Day’s family arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm after stopping in Kentucky to meet Reign Day’s trainer and Reign Day’s brother who is still racing. It is great to know the full background of your new Thoroughbred. Reign Day was sold by his breeder to the Reynolds from the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. They were able to speak Reign Day’s breeder and even meet his trainer and see the track where he raced. How exciting for a young girl to know the full history of her new horse!

The Reynolds family had driven from Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Kentucky and then to Tennessee to pick up a six month old mule and along the way picked up a stray dog as well. It was quite an introduction when they all arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm!

Reign Day meets Titan the mule.

The mule Titan started braying and pulling on the lead. He had never been in a trailer, in a pasture alone or in a stall. He did not stay in the stall long. From a standstill he jumped the stall guard. With all the distractions, poor Julia had to wait to meet her new horse Reign Day. Reign Day handled the excitement without concern. He was interested in the mule but not afraid of him.

Julia Meets Reign Day's brother and trainer.
Julia met Reign Day's brother and trainer at the race track in Kentucky.

After the mule was safely locked in a barred stall with a door, Reign Day got some well deserved attention and finally got to be loved on by Julia. The farrier arrived to make sure Reign Day was sent home with new shoes and he also had a visit from the dentist this week as well. We like our horses to leave the farm in good condition, ready to begin their new life. Reign Day should be well cared for as his new dad is a vet in Pittsfield, MA.

Riding Reign Day will have to wait until morning.

Reign Day – March 19 – Julia’s First Ride

Reign Day – March 16 – The Final Ride

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