Reign Day – New Steel Shoes on Day Five

Reign Day's aluminum racing plate was twisted.

On Day Five Reign Day got new shoes. He has been wearing his aluminum race shoes on his front feet. Race shoes are lightweight and usually have toe grabs. The toe grabs are a raised area of steel around the toe of the shoe. The rear shoes have larger raised grabs. You do not ever want to turn a horse out with other horses wearing these kind of shoes or you could have some serious injuries. A kick would cut like a knife. Be very careful you do not get kicked if you purchase a race horse that still has his racing plates on. Safety is most important to us, so we had Reign Day’s rear shoes pulled before we picked him up.

Twisted racing plate. Notice the raised edge on the front of the shoe.

Reign Day has been turned out each day and the footing has been muddy. We found he had torqued one of the shoes and had sprung it. It was time to replace the twisted aluminum racing plates with his first set of steel shoes.

Reign Day introduces himself to the farrier.

Thoroughbreds at the track are shod much more frequently than sport horses. They are used to having their feet handled and they usually stand quietly for the farrier.

Reign Day learns to eat carrots.

There are so many little things that go into training and finishing a foal into a competition horse. Thoroughbreds off-the-track have had so many more experiences than most home bred horses. They have been exposed to distractions and sounds at the track that would fry the brains of most non-race horses. The warm up area at a show seems peaceful after the track. They have been trailered and handled by vets and grooms. They have had baths and been clipped — Reign Day’s visit with the farrier was just another person to nuzzle for attention and no big deal. He did not even mind the camera’s flash going off in his face. I would like to say that is because he had lots of winner’s circle photos but Reign Day never won a race.

The highlight of the morning was Stevie Loverboy’s mom Missy Miller stopping by and introducing herself to Reign Day with some carrots. The treat of choice at the track is peppermints which Reign Day loves but he did think carrots would do in a pinch.

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