Reign Day – The Second Week of Training

Happy Birthday Jules! Reign Day wears a birthday hat and his heart on his sleeve.

Reign Day got a break on his mom’s birthday. He celebrated with a hat and wore his heart on his sleeve for him mom Jules.

It is windy and cold this week and I have a full week Web work so training will be light. Reign Day continues to settle in. He is a barn favorite. This is his week to let it all ‘soak’ in as Chris Cox would say. He has been taken from his familiar surroundings at the track and put to work at the farm doing ‘sport horse’ training. Everything is new to this four year old off-the-track Thoroughbred. The arena is wet so we just did some lunging in the parking lot.

His breeder is happy to hear he is doing so well. We stay in touch with the people who’s horses we sell. We have sold several other horses for Reign Day’s breeder. I told Helga that I wished Reign Day were my horse and she told me she had several more that were just as nice. We will place those gelding for her when they are done racing. Keep a watch on this site for more horses as nice as Reign Day.

Reign Day is sooooo sweet. He is really easy to handle and he love attention. His favorite thing is to have his head rubbed. I hope to get him out on the trails this weekend. We did some more flat work in the arena, walk and trot only. He is getting it down solid. We will canter soon and then get out of the arena.

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