Two New Grey Thoroughbred Horses For Sale

"Var" - New Grey Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

This is the time of the year when we tend to get the most horses and the prices are so good that they usually sell fast. We just added “Isabell” and “Var” to our Web site.

We do an EARLY RELEASE of new horses on our Facebook page (we list new horses first to Facebook). Even if you are not a Facebook user you can see our Facebook page. If you have your own account on Facebook, be sure to ‘Like’ our page. Why? Facebook will display our post announcing the new horse on your wall. If you interact with our Facebook page by ‘Liking’ our posts then our new horses will show up higher on your wall. If you just watch our Facebook page but don’t interact, then our announcement of a new horse might be buried under other posts from sites and friends you interact with more often.Isabell is a new gray Thoroughbred horse for sale

Another way not to miss our new Thoroughbred Horses For Sale is to Follow Us on Twitter. We post to Twitter at the same time we post a new horse to Facebook. Not on Facebook or Twitter? No problem. We put our Twitter feed on the right side of our Web site pages. Just click on the link and it will show you the Facebook page with the new horse. Whew. You can always bookmark our Newz page or make it your home page on your favorite browser.

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