"Tiz" is an unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

Unraced 4 YO Competition Prospect

We now have two unraced young Thoroughbred horses for sale on our Web site. We work closely with breeders, owners and trainers who care about what happens to their horses after racing or if they don’t have the talent to make to the races. Not every horse is cut out and competitive enough to race and that is the kind we like.

Striker is a 3 year-old Thoroughbred horse for sale directly from his breeder.

Both “Striker” and our newest horse “Tiz” are unraced but not due to injuries. They don’t have what it takes to make it as a race horse and their owners want to see them placed with people who have the talent to compete – either in the show ring or as an eventor. "Tiz" is an unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

We work hard to find good homes for Thoroughbreds who are also still racing. We need to find suitable matches for them before they get injured. Unfortunately, “Koko” has just injured his tibia and will need about three months rest – 30 days stall rest and 60 days pasture. He has moved from being a competition prospect to a Bargain Barn horse. He will be a great horse given the time to recuperate. His x-rays will be provided to anyone who might be a suitable match for him.

"Koko" - 2009 15'2 hand Thoroughbred Gelding For Sale

If you see a horse you like, please don’t wait. It could mean life or death to these horses. When you call, don’t think we are rude because we ask you questions about your experience. We care about making the right matches. If it is not the right match we will find the horse a better match – FOR FREE! We are here after the sale to answer your questions and to support you.

Check out “Striker” and “Tiz” if you are looking for a young unraced Prospect. And call us if you can help “Koko“.

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