So Romeo wants to be your Valentine

Valentines Day – 2007? A Bit of History.

Joe Bear was a Valentine's Day gift to Paula from her husband in 2007.Throw back Thursdays are getting to be pretty popular. We are a day late but I like the idea of sharing older posts from the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. We started creating this site back in 2001. You can still see the oldest pages on this site if you go to the Archive page under the Newz menu item.

Our goal has always been to help place Thoroughbreds and to help them find new homes that becomes necessary. In order to do that, we keep the old photos and stories about our horses available on our Web site. We feel that the more background a potential buyer has about a horse, the better the chance that the buyer can make the right decision. Our OTTB Success Stories web site grew out of this concept so that the buyers of our horses could continue to share their stories which would help if they ever needed to resell their horse.

If you purchase an off-the-track Thoroughbred, you will know his pedigree and what he has done while racing. When you purchase a Thoroughbred from Bits & Bytes Farm, you will add to that knowledge with first hand information on the personality and soundness of the horse.

If you purchase one of our resale Thoroughbreds, you can find out what their owner has done with them by reading their personal OTTB Success Stories on our OTTB Success Stories web site.

Joe Bear and Paula December 2013
Paula and Joe Bear – Christmas 2013

Our prices are fair (and actually lower than some Thoroughbred sites). There is finally a market for sound Thoroughbreds so the prices are rising. We are happy to see value being attached to off-the-track Thoroughbreds instead of treating them like throwaways. We want to be transparent in the selling of our Thoroughbreds – unlike most horse sellers. We feel that informed buyers will make the best choice for themselves. Our duty is to provide accurate information so a buyer can make that decision. We are here to help if there are rough spots. If it becomes necessary to find a new home for the horse, we are the safety net. Our Web sites are proof of our commitment to Thoroughbreds going back to 2001!

Here is a post from Valentine’s Day 2007!  Paula and Joe Bear are still doing great together as you can see in their 2013 Christmas photo.


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