Veterans Day and Anamericansoldier

Anamericansoldier reminds us to honor our American soldiers.

Veterans Day is more than just a day off. We are at war. Men and women are put in harm’s way every day for our chance to live safely and carry on our lives in peace. On this one day we need to stop and remember what they have done for us and honor our American soldiers.

Bits & Bytes Farm can focus on finding homes for Thoroughbred horses when their racing careers are over because our military is keeping this country safe. Last week, we found a new career for Anamericansoldier aka our Prospect Horse For Sale  – “Soldier”. How fitting that he found a new career just before Veterans Day. Those who named him must have a special place in their heart for another American soldier.

Maybe this horse is God’s way of helping us to remember to honor all those that serve our country. Let’s not ever forget our veterans and those currently serving our country. Tell them thank you and say a prayer to keep them safe. Lets do this every day – not just on Veterans Day.

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