2008 Bay Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

We Have Some Very Nice Thoroughbreds For Sale

2008 Bay Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

The competition season is in full swing and we have some great Prospect Horses for you. We work only with trainers, breeders and owners that we trust to tell us the truth about their horses. We stay in touch with our buyers so that we know the horses have been represented honestly.

When you purchase an off-the-track Thoroughbred you know a lot of information about them that can be verified such as: age, pedigree and race record. Our contacts fill us in on the day-to-day background of the horse as well as the soundness and any former injuries. We encourage all our buyers to do a through vet check to make sure the horse is sound on the day it is sold.

"Bandsmen" - Thoroughbred horse for saleBuying a horse sight unseen can be daunting but it is less of a gamble if you trust the people selling it and can verify their history. We have been selling Thoroughbreds since 2001 and our Web site still has the oldest pages on it. We leave the sale pages of the horses on the site in case the horse gets sold and the papers are not with the horse. If you can read the tattoo on a Thoroughbred, the Jockey Club will do a free look up to identify the horse. Once you have the Thoroughbred’s name, you know his pedigree and race record and you can find even more information on our Web sites if we sold the horse. We ask our buyers to provide us with an update at least once a year that we post on our OTTB Success Stories Web site.

If you ever find yourself needing to find a new home for your horse, we will help by re-listing it on our sites and Facebook page. We will do whatever we can to help you place your horse — at NO CHARGE. There is no incentive for us to sell you the wrong horse because we will have to work to resell it when you ask us to.

We work hard to make the perfect match first time around. We don’t sell to anyone just because they have the money. It has got to be a win-win for both the horse and the buyer.

Check over the horses for sale at our farm and at the track (or track owners’ farms) and then give us a call. We will work with you to find your next sport horse or family horse.


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