Who’s Online?

Alajuela, Costa Rica; Edmonton and Calgary, Canada; Arnhem, Netherlands; Vassa, Finland; Budapest, Hungary; Salmiya, Kuwait; Mijas, Spain; Uganda;  Chittagong, Bangladesh; Auckland, New Zealand and of course the frequent followers from the UK, Australia and our own USA have visited the site recently. . .it seems the traffic only grows 🙂

What are our visitors looking at on the site right now? There are 17 current visitors now on the site. The Prospect Horses For Sale page is getting a lot of attention. Someone is looking at Play, Alli and someone keeps coming in on JJ’s page. They must have it bookmarked! We watched a Canadian visitor track through several pages and finishing up looking at the Contact page and the Directions page. Come on and call us Canada! One of our newest prospect horses for sale is Decorated. It is his birthday and everyone seems to hit on his page because he has photos up on our new Newz page. Ah, someone is now getting more serious and looking at our page Buying Our Horses.

Visitors please explore the site and enjoy the photos. There are lots of training notes and Success Stories as well as links to another whole site of OTTB Success Stories from the horses we have placed. Read those stories to really understand what it is like to own one of these beautiful Thoroughbred horses that we have for sale on this site. If you see a horse you like, CALL. We are here to answer your questions and explain our selling process.

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