Allegiant Arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm

Allegiant is now officially an off-the-track Thoroughbred.
Allegiant has arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Our trip to Kentucky was a big success. We loaded the trailer up with 183 bales of Kentucky hay and alfalfa. We unloaded one slot at the track to make room for Allegiant and sold the hay to her trainer. “Alli” loaded like a pro, even though we had to climb out over the hay bales in front of her to get out  of the trailer!

She traveled well to our farm – though severe thunderstorms in Kentucky. She walked quietly to her stall and continued to eat that wonderful Kentucky hay. That is one of the advantages of an off-the-track Thoroughbred – they are usually bomb proof or at least unflappable.

This morning Alli was able to be turned out to stretch those long gorgeous legs of hers. Allegiant gave us a good look at hidden potential of her in her next career as a sport horse doing eventing and hunter/jumper shows with her new mom Amanda. She has a big floaty trot and a collected and balanced canter. I love to take photos of the first time these horses are turned out after being cooped up at the track. They are breathtaking! Within a day or two they are settled and quiet. The best time to get photos is during the first turn out. More photos will be available on our sister Web site: www.

Allegiant has a big floaty trot and a gorgeous collected canter.

Allegiant will be transitioning at our farm while her family finishes up their family vacation. We often help with the track-to-farm transition for horses we place. If you are worried about getting a horse directly from the track, we can help by bringing the horse to our farm for a week or month or for as long as necessary for you to feel comfortable. We will get the horse settled and teach you how to work with your new OTTB! We do have a few stalls available for full time boarders as well.

– Elizabeth

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