reaking Free's first ride in GA

Breaking Free in Georgia!

Breaking Free aka “Freeby“was a Prospect Horse for sale from the track on our Web site recently. He was on an doff the site due to his owner wanting to continue racing him while he was for sale. Poor “Freeby” was a maiden (non winner of a race) when he went up on our site. He made the mistake of winning and hitting the board (bringing home a paycheck) and his owner decided to keep racing him for a little longer. Finally, his owner/trainer was ready to let him go at the same time we got a call from Kerry Tracey of New Hope, GA (Atlanta) who was looking for an eventing prospect to train. Kerry is an experienced horse woman who has ridden steeplechase horses in the past. We discussed the horses we had available and determined that Breaking Free was the best match. Within two days “Freeby” was vet checked and in another two days he was on a trailer headed for Georgia. He arrived at 2:30 AM and she was riding him the same afternoon! While we don’t encourage riding the same day, as the horse may be tired from the trip home, there is no reason other than that not to ride. Off-the track Thoroughbreds are used to being ridden every day so don’t expect a rodeo for your first ride. We look forward to lots of great Breaking Free Success Stories which you can follow on our sister site:

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