Did You Miss Out on Your Favorite Horse?

We have new horses listed for sale almost every day.

It has been a busy month for us at Bits & Bytes Farm. This is the time of the year when the horse selection is the greatest and the prices are the lowest and our buyers know they are getting some great deals!

Who got YOUR favorite horse?

Were you too afraid to take a chance and call? Did  you listen to your: trainer, friend, mother, brother, husband or farrier and not take a chance on “Marvin”Chipawild, Cortableau or Rap It Up because your “peeps” told you that off-the-track Thoroughbreds were ______________________________________________________________________?
(Fill in the blank with any of the famous OTTB myths and fears.)

What would it have been like if you had gotten the horse that caught your eye? Find out about their lives after the finish line on our Web site: www.OTTBSuccessStories.com. What was it like to ride “Marvin”, Rap It Up or Chipawild the first week after they left the race track?

Their stories are all on our sister site. Enjoy them and share them. You may never buy a Thoroughbred from the race track but you can stop spreading myths and learn the truth from the people who did help an ex-racer start a second career. Maybe you might even get brave enough to call and talk with us about the process. We want to help match you with the right horse so that you can be a part of promoting the Thoroughbred ex-racers as a sport and family horses.

Don’t wait if you see a horse that catches your eye! He could be gone within hours of going up on the site. We look forward to speaking with you about your favorite horse and helping you get started with your own OTTB’s Success Stories!

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