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Melanie and Bubba - July 6, 2008
Melanie and Bubba July 2008

Be sure to check out the latest update from Bubba’s mom, Melanie Eberhardt, on our OTTB Success Stories Web site. They are celebrating their one year anniversary today! Bubba (aka Lynn’s Vision) is Melanie’s first Thoroughbred. She has several Arabs at home but she joins in on the fun at Bits & Bytes Farm by boarding with us.

Melanie is quite a talented artist and has become a Web mistress as well during this past year. Melaine took on the task of helping me update our OTTB Success Stories Web site. She had no idea of the work involved and I am just glad she has hung in there! Melanie not only learned to update our site but she learned to create blogs and now has several of her own sites that showcase her talents as an artist.

Check out her Web sites:,

Pet Portraits at your Price by Melanie Eberhardt.
Pet Portraits at your Price by Melanie Eberhardt.

Melanie has come up with a unique way of raising money to pay her board. She is offering to do “Pet Portraits at Your Price”. What that means is that YOU decide what to pay.

Here is what Melanie has to say about setting the price: …Please don’t be intimidated by setting your own price! You’re not going to insult me, ever. I have started this site for my own motivations – I enjoy learning about your pets, why are they special and what are their personalities. I have ALOT of pets and spend hours watching their antics – its better than tv. As an artist, your pet portrait gives me a reason to draw – something I thoroughly enjoy doing and seldom have the opportunity. What you are able to pay is the most irrelevant factor in this venture. I want people to have a way to honor their special pets, to share their stories and to promote original art. Art doesn’t have to be expensive, it shouldn’t be intimidating. Art should be thoughtful and make you feel good. And as an artist, every sale is a compliment – so thank you in advance!

Melanie has also generously offered to donate a portion of your payment to a Thoroughbred rescue if you tell her you found out about “Pet Portraits at Your Priceon the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. Now is your chance to have original art at a price you can afford and help save a Thoroughbred at the same time!

Happy Anniversary to Bubba and Melanie from Elizabeth & all your “Friends” at Bits & Bytes Farm

Bubba and Melanie July 2009
Bubba and Melanie July 2009
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