Gold Commander One at a Don Jessop clinic

Gold Commander One – 22 years young today!

On June 29th, 2011, after 76 starts at the racetrack, Gold Commander One found a new career with Jennifer Himes of Memphis, TN. ‘Goldie’ turned 22 on April 27th, 2022 and he is still living an active life with Jennifer. Here is her latest update:

Gold Commander One and Jennifer
Goldie is good as gold! We keep on trucking. Pics from today in the pasture and yesterday in a Don Jessop clinic. (Don’t know why I have such a sour face, bc we had a great time.) As always, thank you for continuing the OTTB mission.
Best, Jennifer

Gold Commander One was one of my favorite horses and often dreamed of being his owner. When Jennifer called about ‘Goldie’ I knew it was a match made in heaven. Now, eleven years later, Jennifer and ‘Goldie’ are still attending clinics and enjoying each other. I never dreamed at that time that the price of Thoroughbreds would climb to what it is today. I was hoping to build a demand for Thoroughbreds as sport horses after the warmblooods took over. Now after 21 years of finding homes for Thoroughbreds my dream has become a reality. Thoroughbreds are now valued and command a reasonable price right off-the-track. They have earned the reputation of being smart and easy to train. They are the athletes of the equine world. Thoroughbreds are happy to wear any saddle and go anywhere from the trails to 5 star events – all it takes is patience and training. Not everyone is a match for a Thoroughbred. Due to the fact they are so smart, they figure out whether your skills are up to the level to take them to the next level. If you are not, it can be a disaster — but if you are, the sky is the limit.

Gold Commander One in his pasture
Gold Commander One in his pasture

Equibase Report on Gold Commander One

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