Happy Birthday Monarch’s Reign!

Monarch's Reign celebrates his fourth birthday with a party.

Monarch’s Reign retired from racing in December 2009 as a three year old. He now boards at Bits & Bytes Farm with his mom Suellen Slockbower. Suellen decided to have a birthday party to celebrate Monarch’s true fourth birthday. All Thoroughbreds are considered one year older on January 1st for racing purposes. Under the age of five, a few months can make a huge difference in size and mental state of the Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds grow until they are about five and a half. Their fourth year is a year of maturing and putting on height. Monarch still has a lot of growing to do and he is growing his new career as a sport horse. It looks like this career will be a lot more successful than his brief (two races) racing career. With Suellen’s help, we all celebrated with a carrot cake – of course! Suellen brought carrots for the horses to share and a few of the horses even tried some cake. Sharing the good times with your horse and your friends is part of the fun of boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm. Owning a Thoroughbred is special and we use any excuse to celebrate that here at the farm.

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