Happy Mother’s Day – To Me!

Gloria purchased Farm For a Day from Bits & Bytes Farm in April 2003!
Gloria purchased Farm For a Day from Bits & Bytes Farm in April 2003. We have six years of Success Stories on this pair.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the horses we have placed. These horses bring great happiness to the lives of the people who have taken the time to retrain these ex-race horses.

It has been a while since I have experienced the joy of a new BAYby here at the farm. I really enjoyed retraining Reign Day and writing up Reign Day’s training diary during February and March. After training him for six weeks I wished I had not sold him as a Prospect Horse before I knew how nice he was. It was hard to let him go when his family came to pick him up.

With Wings arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm on Mother's Day to be Elizabeth's Mother's Day gift.

When Reign Day’s brother With Wings finished his racing on May 2nd, I decided that I would buy him to bring to Bits & Bytes Farm to retrain him. His trainer also trained Reign Day and she said that With Wings was an even better mover and could excel at high level dressage.

I will post some training notes on With Wings. He may become available in the future, as a Bits & Bytes Farm horse for sale, but for now he will be my BAYby to train and enjoy.

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