OTTB Heather's Best with Jennifer DeGier

Heather’s Best – Still the BEST!

I got this yesterday from a Bits & Bytes Farm horse buyer who purchased Heather’s Best in 2007. One photo is from now and one is from 2007. Can you tell the difference? Heather’s Best was a steeplechase horse before becoming an event horse for his owner Jennifer DeGier. Heather’s Best ran 73 races and retired sound at 9 to Bits & Bytes Farm. He is now 21 and still jumping!
From Jennifer…

OTTB Heather's Best at 21!Hi,
I thought you would enjoy seeing a quick picture of Heather getting ready to go out for a little jump school last Sunday.
I’ll send some more but doesn’t he look great? I think the California life suits him. : )
I swear this horse does not age. He is sound as spirited as ever. I actually can’t tell if some pics are from today or from 8 years ago! He looks the same!
Hope you are well…


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Thoroughbred - Heather's Best at Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbred - Heather's Best at Bits & Bytes Farm Heather's Best at Bits & Bytes Farm

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