Jake Mountain Trail Ride

Jake and Bull Mountain Again and Again

Jake Mountain Trail RideIt was a small but hardy group that set out to trail ride at Jake Mountain in North Georgia. The weather was forecasting an annoying light mist of rain with chances of heavier showers. That did not deter this group of friends from enjoying their off-the-track Thoroughbreds on a mountain trail ride and sharing a picnic.

Deny shares his hay with Suellen
Deny shares his hay with Suellen

We set out with maps thinking that we would have about a two hour ride over Jake Mountain and up to Bull Mountain and ended up going in circles and doing the ride, not once but twice! We rode longer than we had planned, in spite of the not great weather. It was so beautiful in the woods and we were having so much fun, no one minded that the ride was double the distance and double the fun.

By the time we got back to the trailers the rain was picking up, so we picked up our picnic table and chairs and moved the party into the trailer to party with the horses. Our Thoroughbreds love their people we shared our picnic with them and they shared their hay with us . . . all over us!

What a great day!

A special THANK YOU to the Chattahoochee Trail Riders for all their hard work clearing and maintaining the trails at Jake and Bull Mountain!

Elizabeth’s Note: We have two horses available for lease at Bits & Bytes Farm. If you are a former rider looking to get back into riding and need some help shaking the rust off of your riding skills, give us a call and come ride an ex-race horse. It is exciting and fun and safe. Besides finding homes for ex-race horses, our farm helps re-riders get back into the saddle. Many of our riders gave up riding for twenty or thirty years and now they have their own Thoroughbred and go on fun rides like our Jake and Bull Mountain trail ride. Give us a call if you want to join in on our fun. We could also use another rider who can read a map . . .

Thoroughbreds on our trail ride:
Classic Casey, Deny, Monarch’s Reign, So Romeo, Stormin in Style

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