OTTB Made In Her Image in Training at Bits & Bytes Farm

Made In Her Image in Training at Bits & Bytes Farm

OTTB Made In Her Image in Training at Bits & Bytes Farm

Made in Her Image came to Bits & Bytes Farm from the race track in mid-December 2018 for a few months of training. Her owner will be bringing ‘Mae’ home to Nantucket, MA in the spring. We have the pleasure of starting this three-year-old filly and documenting it. We hope that the videos will help others who are starting young Thoroughbreds off-the-track.

Each of the videos has information about what we are working on.  If time allows, we will add more information to this post. If you would like to see a diary of us retraining an ex-race horse, click on over to Reign Day’s Training Diary. You will find photos and information about how we start a Thoroughbred that has just come off-the-track.

We have a YouTube channel with videos of the Thoroughbreds we have for sale, ones we have sold and training and outings videos of other Thoroughbreds. There are lots of fun videos to watch.

Here is a gallery of Made In Her Image videos from our YouTube channel. If you check back from time-to-time you will see new videos as we add them to our YouTube channel

Happy Birthday Made In Her Image 20190404

Happy Birthday to Made In Her Image aka The Marvelous Missy Mae'. 'Mae' is turning 4 today on 4/4! 'Missy Mae' has been in training at Bits & Bytes Farm ...since she came off-the-track in December. Her new barn is almost ready and 'Missy Mae' will be headed to Nantucket to meet her new mom soon. We will miss this girl. Happy Birthday Made In Her Image![+] Show More
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