Mini Horse, Maxi Fun

Life Lessons Learned from a Mini

Lacy the miniature horse at Bits & Bytes FarmRecently we got a new boarder at Bits & Bytes Farm. Her name is Lacy and she is a miniature horse of undetermined age. Our vet says she is in her teens and he will not be any more specific even when asked, “Early or late teens?”

“Teens” is all he would commit to.

She belongs to the children of one of our Thoroughbred race horse owners. We find second careers as sport horses for her Thoroughbreds when they are done racing.

Lacy may be a mini but she is maximum fun to have around the farm. We can spend hours watching her run the Thoroughbreds around the pasture.

Recently, I had the opportunity to introduce the mini’s two young owners to their first horse – Lacy. They have never met Lacy or had a horse of their own so this was great fun to be doing the introductions. I still remember my first horse (read the story) and how much fun it was the day I met her.

Lacy the mini meets her match Abby

Here are a few photos taken when Abby and Braden met their match . . . I mean mini, with some good life lessons as taught by a miniature horse.

Take time to stop and smell the poop. Life can't be all roses all the time.

Take time to stop and smell the poop. Life isn’t roses all the time.

 It's good to eat something green.

It’s good to eat something green. Life can’t be all peppermints and carrots.

Take a walk with a friend . . .

Take a walk with a friend or even a run . . .

Take a run with a friend

And sometimes, you just have to cut loose and have some fun . . .

Sometimes you have to cut loose and have some fun!

No matter who is watching . . .

Lacy runs through a riding lesson at Bits & Bytes Farm while trainer Kathy Duke and her student watch.

See more photos and read the full story under About Bits & Bytes Farm menu.

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