"PT" - 2010 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding for sale

New Horses – New Announcements

"PT" - 2010 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding for sale
“PT” as a two year old at a sale.

Since Facebook has changed their policies and no longer automatically sends our followers our latest posts, we now have an EARLY RELEASE Mailing List for those who want to be first to know what Thoroughbred horses we have for sale.

We send out a mailing and then post that the mailing went out on Facebook and Twitter. When we can, we then add the horses to our Web site.

"Nona" - 2009 Thoroughbred Mare
“Nona” – 2009 Thoroughbred Mare

We added two new horses on June 6, 2014 – “Nona” a 2009 16 hand very sweet mare who is not marish and a 2010 bay 16 hand Thoroughbred gelding named “PT”.

On June 5th we sent out a mailing with two more horses including a grey horse. If you did not get our mailing it is because you did not sign up for our EARLY RELEASE Mailing List. Do it now so you don’t miss out on the next new horses. We have several more horses to do mailings on and we will be sending out another mailing on June 8, 2014.

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