"Nickerdoodle" - 'Occupy Bits & Bytes Farm' by Melanie Eberhardt

Occupy Bits & Bytes Farm! – A New “Nickerdoodle”

"Nickerdoodle" - 'Occupy Bits & Bytes Farm' by Melanie Eberhardt

Our very talented artist in residence (well her horse Bubba is in residence) at Bits & Bytes Farm has come up with another timely “Nickerdoodle”. She is taking the current events of today and the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement and applying it to happenings around the farm.

Bubba and his artist mom, Melanie, are lovingly referred to as our barn hippies. Bubba has a long flowing mane, which Melanie refuses to pull, that makes Bubba look like a Thelwell Pony or a Morgan horse. Mom Melanie loves to ride in her shorts during the summer months. We all cringe at the thought of her pinching her legs on the stirrup leathers!

Anywho . . . enjoy Melanie’s latest “Nickerdoodle” – ‘Occupy Movement at Bits & Bytes Farm’

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