OTTBs Get Out and Enjoy the Fall Foliage in North GA Mountains

Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds - Trail Riding - Bits & Bytes Farm - Dawson Forest

Saturday was the perfect Fall day for taking a trail ride to the North Georgia Mountains. Dawson Forest is not that far from our farm and there are over 5000 acres of wooded trails to ride on. We loaded up three Thoroughbreds – one who had never been trail riding, and met up with two more Thoroughbreds owned by friends who purchased their off-the-track Thoroughbreds from Bits & Bytes Farm.

We arrived at Dawson Forest expecting to see a few other trail riders who wanted to enjoy the glorious Fall weather – what we did not expect was a packed parking lots filled with horse trailers, horses on picket lines and in temporary corrals along with a huge tent and the wonderful smell of BBQ. The Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) was having a fund raiser and boy were there a lot of horses and people!

The nicest thing about trail riding is the people you meet and interact with. We had great conversations all day long at the trailer and on the trails. Everyone was friendly and helpful – even showing Elizabeth where we were on the map, and making room to safely pass on the trails. It made for a very calm and relaxing ride.

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