Swear-Thoroughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Prospect Horse Swear is in Training at Bits & Bytes Farm

It has been just over two weeks since we picked up Marbone and Swear at the racetrack. It has been a fun and busy time playing with the boyz. Marbone got his first ride here at the farm and went home to his new mom’s farm down the road a few hours later. More on Marbone in a future post. We need over there to get some photos. He has is loving life and quiet as a mouse.

Swear has been in training here at Bits & Bytes Farm where he has captured everyone’s heart. He strutted his stuff in the pasture to the amazement of his audience. He proved to be just as impressive under saddle.

TWO WEEKENDS OF TRAINING: the first ride off-the-track, multiple riders, learned to stand while being mounted from a mounting block, learned to lunge, first trail ride, first creek crossing, first trot poles and first attempts at jumping.

Swear is in training at Bits & Bytes Farm in Canton, GA

During his first week, he had three different riders. He learned how to stand at the mounting block and how to lunge in the round pen. He is really a nice mover and his walk is like being on a glider. On his second ride, I took him on a short trail ride with Call Me Ferdie leading the way. Yes, we rode out-of-the-arena on our second ride! He was brave and bold and did not even spook when Chant galloped up behind him in the pasture next to the road. I was impressed. Chant scared me!

It was a busy week at work so Swear hung out with his buddies in the pasture until the next weekend. Aunt Sarah spent some time working with Swear and teaching him about walking over poles and then even hopping over half a cross rail. Nothing bothers Swear. He wants to please. He is unsure of what we are asking so we give him lots of positive reinforcement when he figures out what we are asking him to do.

With as brave and smart as Swear is, he will be able to do any career. He might like to be an eventer and we have already seen his dressage potential. We are having great fun with Swear!

Swear was a Prospect Horse For Sale who has been brought to Bits & Bytes Farm for training

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