Riding Ridge on the Ridges


Last weekend was just perfect for riding and we have the perfect horses to ride . . .  our off-the-track Thoroughbreds!

We were fortunate enough to be invited back to our friend Julie’s farm for another fun day of riding. It is the horses and their owners favorite place to ride. The fields are groomed like a golf course, only prettier. We enjoyed a quiet ride around the property and finished with our usual (but better than usual fare) picnic while the horses got to be turned loose in a herd to enjoy the lush grass.

Atlantic Ridge is our newest OTTB and he is staying at Bits & Bytes Farm for his first month of training before going home to Raleigh, NC to his new mom Salisa Hauptmann. We are trying to expose “Ridge” to the type of riding he will be doing with his new mom. The first time a horse leaves our farm after coming off-the-track, they are fearful that they are going back to the track. “Ridge” was no different so when we got to Julie’s farm he was a little worried that it was just another race track . . . although it was a lot nicer.

It only took a little while for “Ridge” to figure out that this was not a track but rather a beautiful peaceful place to hang out with his other former race horse friends. He was calm and confident, often leading the way when the more experienced horses were a little hesitant. See a whole album of our photos on the BitsandBytesFarm Facebook page. Thank you to our friend of the farm, Andie, for riding Ridge so we could get these photos.

We have two horses available for lease at Bits & Bytes Farm if you would like to join in on our fun. We specialize in helping women who used to ride seriously as a child to get back into riding again. If you were a good rider as a child, there are very few places you can get your “riding fix” on a well trained horse that is not a dead sided school horse or ancient trail line horse. Our Thoroughbred will help you knock the rust off your riding skills and they will build your confidence. If you decide that you want to get your own horse, you will have the “inside track” on our off-the-track Prospect Horses we have for sale. Call Elizabeth for more information: 770-704-6595.

[album: https://bitsandbytesfarm.com/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Field Day – 20111008/]
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