Rolex or Horse Farms? Both!

A story from Alex Kemper (Tuck’s St. Aly) about her vist to Kentucky.

If you were a horse enthusiast at all, imagine being asked if you would rather visit the Rolex three-day event or see and tour the top horse farms in the beautiful bluegrass Kentucky horse country or see some of the top sires in the current horse world and several of the years past derby winners. Imagine this. How could you decide?

The “Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm” were fortunate and blessed enough not to have to decide to see one or the other or to pick and choose. We saw the very heart of the horse world this past weekend in Kentucky.

After already being in awe at the beautiful unmatched fields and barns on the way there, things only became so much better after our kind host and tour guide Susan Browne took us toward the Midway, Kentucky, exit. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the superb jewel in the middle of the vast and rich area that makes up the horse capital of the world. Just driving along the roads, we could not decide what wonderful barns to take pictures of – the farm owned by the Skeikh Mohammed? The farm where recent Derby winner, Curlin, was born? The farm where he is now? Too many decisions, for sure; that’s why our group took more than 1000 pictures in the couple of days that we were there!

Once we made it to Hill ‘n’ Dale farm we had the superb surprise to have a personal tour of the stallion barns by the stallion manager, Aidan O’Meara . The barns were an incredible sight in themselves, built in the majestic and sturdy style that made us think of the British Isles countryside.

We saw here the grave of undefeated Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew, and saw many of the world’s top stallions – sons of A.P. Indy, Giant’s Causeway; and we also saw a top stakes winner and stud, Seeking the Dai.

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