Mary Catherine's first ride on Young Joe

Young Joe’s Second Day at Bits & Bytes Farm

Mary Catherine's first ride on Young JoeYoung Joe turns from gray to bay Young Joe had a busy day at Bits & Bytes Farm. Yesterday was a stormy day and he got to sleep in and rest from his ride home from the track on Sunday. Today was sunny and warm and so Joe got to have fun in the mud!

Later in the day, Mary Catherine got to ride HER Thoroughbred who just raced a week ago!

Enjoy the photos!

Young Joe - Day Three - Ride Two

Mary Catherine takes Young Joe for his second ride. He was well behaved and relaxed. He acted as if he had been at the farm for years. Mary Catherine was grinning from ear to ear.

Young Joe - Day Two Ride One

It took almost an hour to find Young Joe under all the mud but Mary Catherine and her husband did just that and saddled him up for his first ride off-the-track.

Young Joe - Day Two - First Turnout

We get the best photos the first time an ex-race horse gets turned out. It is even more fun to watch a grey horse turn bay! Young Joe sure enjoyed himself.

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