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EARLY RELEASE: Be the first to learn about new Thoroughbred Horses for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm. It used to be that if you ‘Liked’ our Facebook page, you would see a new Thoroughbred horse for sale just as soon as we uploaded it to our Facebook page. Not any longer. Facebook has decided …

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Facebook's Dirty Little Secret

Early Release: New Thoroughbred Horse For Sale on Our Facebook Page


We release new horses for sale on our Facebook Fan page first.You do not need to have a Facebook account to see our fan page. If you do have a Facebook account, you can become a fan by “Liking” our page. Why? Whenever we post a new Thoroughbred horse for sale on the BitsandBytesFarm Facebook fan page, you will automatically see it on your Facebook News Feed. That way you will never miss out on seeing what new horses we have for sale. You can easily Share the information posted on our fan page with your friends who are looking for a new horse. We try to make the horse shopping experience as easy and fun as possible. Check out our new bay filly at: https://www.facebook.com/BitsandBytesFarm and be sure to Like our page!

“Early Release” – New Horse For Sale on Facebook

If you have been following our site, you know that we are experimenting with Facebook as another marketing tool to help us find new careers for Thoroughbreds after racing. We post the newest Thoroughbred horses for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm on our Facebook fanpage first. We call this our “Early Release” program. You do not need to have a Facebook account to visit our fanpage. Be sure to ‘Like’ our page so you will be notified when a new horse is available.

Go to: www.facebook.com/BitsandBytesFarm and see our newest Thoroughbred horse for sale – Power Master. Post your comments and forward his photos to your friends who may be shopping for a new competition partner.

Using Facebook to Market Ex-Race Horses

like-button Our Web site has a wealth of information to be shared with other Thoroughbred owners or soon-to-be owners. We wanted to make it easy for our followers (and Facebook Fans) to share the knowledge on this Web site with just one click of a mouse. So, we have added a Facebook Like button to our Newz stories and pages. If you are a Facebook member and you click on the Like button at the bottom of our Newz stories or pages, your Facebook account will alert your friends to the helpful information you have found on the Bits & Bytes Farm site by posting to your Wall. This way it takes very little effort for you to share a story you found useful with your friends on Facebook. Read more about Bits & Bytes Farm using Facebook as a marketing tool . . .

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