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New Look to Our Home Page

Bits & Bytes Farm New Home pageBits & Bytes Farm’s history goes back to 2001 when Web design was just in its infancy and we got our first horse off-the-track. This Web site started as a way to test the new Internet marketing tools as a way to find homes for Thoroughbreds we brought into the farm. Our Web site has grown to over 10,000 pages and has training notes and success stories from the beginning. As a marketing tool . . . it is the best! To date we have found homes for over 300 Thoroughbreds when they finished their racing careers. We have between 500 and 1000 visitors to this site every day! Not too bad for a little farm in Georgia. Read more . . .

Welcome to our newer Newz!

Our “real” business is Web site design and we use our Thoroughbred Horse Web sites to experiment with new technologies. We are then able to use our new skills to help our Web customers create effective, attractive and functional Web sites. If you can type, you can update your own site created by our designers!

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Equine Web Design

We have added a new page that discusses what we do for a living. Bits & Bytes Farm got its name from the owners’ “real” business – creating multimedia presentations and Web sites. If you need a new Web site or presentation for your business – equine or other, contact us to discuss how your business can be working for you on the Internet.

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