Rocky Bear Sizes Up the Atlanta Steeplechase race track

The Ride of a Lifetime

TRocky Bear - The Winnerhis past weekend turned out to be one of the most memorable in my life. Saturday was shaping up to be a fun day at the In Unison Farm Hunter Pace with lots of friends, buyers, and Thoroughbreds that we have sold, expected to be there. It is always fun seeing our Thoroughbreds with their new owners, hearing their stories and seeing how the horses' training has progressed.

I was looking forward to taking my newest off-the-track Thoroughbred Rocky Bear. It would only be his second off-the-farm trip and I was hoping that he did not think he was going back to-the-track. I always worry on the first few trailer rides off-the-farm that former race horses think that their layup is over and it is time to go back to work. I often suggest to new buyers that the first few trips should be short and fun to re-educated the Thoroughbred and let him know he has a new job now. Most Thoroughbreds that we place, are done racing because the just don't want to do it any more - not because they are unsound and can't. They just don't want to run any more.

Some Thoroughbreds really did love racing and now I know they can miss it too. Rocky Bear is one of those horses.

The In Unison Farm Hunter Pace is held at the same location as the Atlanta Steeplechase at Kingston, Downs in Kingston, GA. Usually, during the ride we do not get anywhere near the race track. There are acres and acres of woods and open fields to use for the hunter pace but this weekend was different. The course at one point came up and overlooked the race track which is over a mile around. Rocky Bear took note. I could see him figuring it all out.

We rode down to the track as the hunter pace path took us right along the outside fence of the track. It was almost like being on the track and Rocky Bear thought so too...

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