You Can’t Have Just One!

Political Pull has a new family!

The Oliver family knows what we mean when we say you can’t have just one – Thoroughbred that is! Mom Cindy and daughter Katelyn are both horse crazy and have fallen in love with the breed. Cindy was a former Western rider in past years and Katelyn is an accomplished hunter jumper rider who competes on her high school equestrian team.

Cindy and Katelyn stopped by at for a visit to Bits & Bytes Farm in early January between snow storms. They rode Political Pull and fell in love with him. Political Pull has been a favorite at our farm for a number of years.  He has the wisdom and experience to meet both riders’ needs – maybe a little too well because both women wanted to ride him at the same time and he does not ride double!

Katelyn is an excellent rider and she was also looking for the joy and challenge of bringing along a green horse. She was ready to experience the fun of training her own horse. So the decision was made to get TWO Thoroughbreds and Political Pull was purchased first as we searched for a match for Katelyn.

Political Pull Photos

spot-run_20110130_148Katelyn did not have to wait long to find her project horse – he was already on our Prospect Horses at the Track page. Katelyn wanted a sensible, talented, young (but not too young) horse to train for showing in the hunter jumper ring. Spot Run showed his sensibility in the video on his for sale page. He showed his jumping talent by jumping over a four foot fence to visit his buddies and then jumping BACK to his own pasture. Katelyn showed her riding talent on “Pull” and a match was made.

We picked up Spot Run last weekend and he has already begun his training with Katelyn. She has offered to keep a training diary for us to post on this Web site. We are very impressed with their accomplishments so far this week. Spot Run has settled into work like he has been here forever. Expect to see great stories about the adventures of Katelyn and Spot Run.

Spot Run Photos

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