Fall Trail Ride With Friends

Chickamauga Battlefield Trail Ride - October 3, 2010
Trail riding with our Thoroughbreds at Chickamauga Battlefield.

We spent a great day today trail riding our Thoroughbreds at the Chickamauga Battlefield with our friends. Today was a perfect fall day just right for a trail ride. There was a nip in the air this morning and the leaves are just starting to change color. It was a kind of day that you will remember in the cold of winter or the heat of the summer. Not too many days are as perfect as today.

Chickamauga Battlefield Trail Ride - October 3, 2010

We had an interesting group of horses and riders. We took five Thoroughbreds from Bits & Bytes Farm: Pride of the Fox, Monarch’s Reign, Political Pull, Brewster and the wonderful With Wings aka “WWW”. We met up with Bob and Susan Goodman riding their huge warmblood fox hunters. Chase New, our farrier, brought two of his mustangs and his friend Amanda. We had one Western saddle, two bareback riders and five English saddles.

Chickamauga Battlefield Trail Ride - October 3, 2010
Chase rides a mustang with less than seven months into training - bareback!

Susan decided to ride her hunt horse Henry bareback when challenged by Chase riding bareback on his small mustang. The challenge got tougher when the jumping started. I am happy to report that all riders stayed on and had quiet calm rides. It was so calm and quiet that With Wings and I got a little bored at not being able to go as fast as we would like, so Bob and I had a good gallop up a hill at the end of the ride. “WWW” can gallop! It has been many years since I went that fast,  but boy it was fun! Bob and his warmblood tried in vain to keep up but when we jumped the rocks and put on the afterburners, they were left behind. Wings quickly came back to a walk and we cooled out riding back to the trailers riding on the buckle. That is what I like about these Thoroughbreds – they love to run but they are happy to walk too.

Chickamauga Battlefield Trail Ride - October 3, 2010
Picnic time! Bits & Bytes Farm is famous for their food at outings.

As usual, the Bits & Bytes Farm group enjoyed a great picnic lunch with farm fresh deviled eggs, homemade potato salad, coleslaw, bean dip, guacamole and lots of cookies and cake for dessert. We were all tired and full for the ride home to the farm. Thank goodness our friend Granya and boarder Melanie had taken care of the animals at home so all we had to do was unload and feed our horses. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Chickamauga Battlefield Trail Ride - October 3, 2010
Pride of the Fox and With Wings. Andie Krakovsky photo.

Enjoy the photos and give us a call if you would like to come board with us and share in the fun. We also have a few really nice horses for sale at the farm and lots more at the race track. Get a Thoroughbred and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Thoroughbreds make great trail horses, eventers, show and dressage horses. Get a Thoroughbred and do it all with the same horse!

Updated on October 4th with even more photos thanks to Andie Krakovsky.

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