Thoroughbred race horse wins at hunter pace

In Unison Farm Hunter Pace

hunter-pace_20111001_115We had a fantastic day riding with nine Bits & Bytes Farm off-the-track Thoroughbreds at the In Unison Farm Hunter Pace. It was a great day even if it was a little windy. Our horses enjoyed the ride as much as we riders did. Who could not love galloping across beautiful fields of grass or walking though the woods on what truly felt like the first day of Fall after a long hot summer. Our beautiful athletic Thoroughbreds included: So Romeo, Detroit Iron (Andyman), Brat Maverick, Popular Five (Bo), Spot Run, Political Pull and With Wings as the tripod of the day. We met up with Cortableau and Josh aka Dudley who are owned by our “Most Frequent Buyer” – Dr. Laura Durham-Dixon. Political Pull and Josh were two of our 25 special horses that we found homes for several years ago. Political Pull and Spot Run are owned by the Oliver family and it was Cindy’s and Katelyn’s first hunter pace ever. Suellen was another first time hunter pacer as was her horse Detroit Iron.

We tacked up at the trailers and rode to an area to warm up and get the horses settled. Then we all headed to the starter and began our ride. We trotted and canter for the first mile and mixed the ride up with walking trotting and cantering. The fields were for galloping and the woods were for walking. We met up with several former fox hunt friends including our former huntsman and whipper in.

After the ride it was time for our picnic and several additional friends joined us in a great potluck picnic. The horses enjoyed the picnic and shared food and carrots. A great day was enjoyed by all!

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