Happy Valentine’s Day NickerDoodle

From our resident artist Melanie Eberhardt:

We love Thoroughbreds!I was inspired this morning at 6 am to make this quick holiday appropriate NickerDoodle. When I drew it, I was thinking about how our horses find ways to tell us that they love us….:)

Happy Valentines Day!
— Melanie Eberhardt

Happy Valentine's Day from our horses - another Nickerdoodle by Melanie Eberhardt

So So Row Your Boat

One night Detroit Iron, aka “Fofo Andy”, busted out of his stall and had some fun. With all the other horses watching from their stall doors, “Fofo Andy” turned on the water faucet just outside So Romeo’s stall.

When we humans arrived in the morning we found So Romeo perched on the last remaining dry . . .

So Romeo the Sea Horse by Melanie Eberhardt

Introducing Nickerdoodles by Melanie Eberhardt!

Our resident artist, Melanie Eberhardt, has consented to document some of the happenings around Bits & Bytes Farm with a series of cartoons she has titled “Nickerdoodles”. The first one is up on the site and the second one will be posted soon. This first “Nickerdoodle” is a result of the excitement at the farm when we decide to go trail riding. . .

Melanie Eberhardt Illustration - Trail Ride - pen and ink
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