Baroness von River

Wings and a Prayer

baroness_20100824_002Bits & Bytes Farm’s Head Assistant Trainer (that’s Trainer with a capital T), the Baroness Von River, has written up a new training note. We have placed the page of her latest training notes under the Off-the-Track Tales menu. Last night she assisted with the training of Spot Run and Popular Five aka Bo as they crossed the enchanted brook. Read More . . .

New Video

We have added video of our newest Prospect Horse at the Track – Running Tall aka “Chewy”.You can find the video on “Chewy’s” Thoroughbred horse for sale page.

We also have video of our Head Assistant Trainer – The Baroness Von River riding Monarch’s Reign while his mom is away on business. Thank goodness she will be home soon, Monarch is getting tired from all his training. See Baroness take Monarch’s reins!

Off-the-Track Tales

Baroness Von River We have a new section on our Web site for all the stories of things that happen around Bits & Bytes Farm that just don’t fit anywhere else on this site — “Off-the-Track Tales”. Our Head Assistant Trainer has offered her time to write up the stories that happen around the farm. You will find the pages at the upper right side of the top menu. As Baroness Von River writes more stories, we will add more pages to this section. Enjoy!

Her first story is about what happened in the barn on Christmas Eve.

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